one hour

Digestive biscuits 100 g
Butter 60g
Cream Cheese 250g
2 eggs
Fine sugar 50g
Animal light cream 120 ml
Vanilla Extract 1.25ml
Dark Chocolate 70g
Cake mold 6 inch or 8 inch
Taste sweet
Time one hour

[1] Large collection of materials

[2] Divide all materials into 3 parts. Make the first cake. This picture is the first material: 100 grams of digestive biscuits, 50 grams of butter.

[3] The second material is the cake body: 250 grams of cream cheese, 2 eggs, 50 grams of fine sugar, 60 ml of animal light cream, 1.25 ml of vanilla extract.

[4] The third material is made of chocolate: 70 grams of dark chocolate, 60 grams of animal light cream, and 10 grams of butter.

[5] Treatment of the first material: Digestive biscuits are crushed, the butter is heated to a liquid state by water, digested biscuits and butter are evenly caught, flung at the bottom of the cake mold, and pressed with a spoon.

[6] Now deal with the second part: the cream cheese is heated to soften with water, pour in fine sugar, whipped with an electric egg beater to smooth, then beat an egg, continue to whipped, stir evenly and then into Another egg, hit smooth. After whipping, remove the bowl from the water and pour in vanilla extract and animal whipping cream. The cake body is ready, and the cake paste is poured into the first material.

[7] I used a live 8-inch cake mold. I want to wrap the cake with tin foil, put the mold in the baking tray, fill the baking tray with water, or the height of the water should at least reach the height of the cake. one.

[8] The oven is 160 degrees, the middle layer, and the fire is 50-60 minutes. The color of the surface of the cake can be taken out.

[9] Now deal with the third material: dark chocolate pieces, butter, animal light cream mixed with water, melted and taken out.

[10] The chocolate mixture is cooled and poured onto the top of the cake. The cake is ready.

[11] Put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours and take it out. When cutting the block, take the knife to the fire and bake it.

[12] When cutting the block, take the knife to the fire and bake it.

[13] Finished drawing.

[14] One more. (*^__^*) Hey...
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