twenty minutes

Glutinous rice noodles
Bean paste stuffing
Taste sweet
Time twenty minutes

[1] Ingredients: glutinous rice noodles

[2] Add a spoonful of yeast powder to the glutinous rice noodles.

[3] Synthesize a soft dough with warm water for 2 hours.

[4] Wake up good glutinous rice dough (no flour is launched, just loose)

[5] Prepare the bean paste

[6] Take a piece of glutinous rice dough and squash it in your hands.

[7] Take a portion of the bean paste and close the mouth.

[8] Slightly press the flattened fried cake billet.

[9] Put it in a pot and fry it in a small fire.

[10] Although the taste is not bad, the taste is sweet outside.
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