twenty minutes

Eggplant 2
Accessories: Amaranth
Noodle sauce
Chicken essence
Taste, salty and sweet
Process stew
Time twenty minutes

[1] Eggplant, leeks washed, diced with meat.

[2] Eggplant is lined with knives from the head.

[3] Amaranth minced.

[4] Amaranth, add some salt to the diced meat, and stir the oil evenly.

[5] Stir the leek meat stuff into the middle of the eggplant.

[6] Add oil to the pan and pour the remaining meat into the pan.

[7] Add a little noodle sauce and continue to stir fry.

[8] Add water to the pot and add to the eggplant until cooked.

[9] The delicious eggplant is out of the pan.
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