half an hour

Sweet potato
Accessories: light cream 20 g
Mozzarella cheese 10g
Butter 5 grams
Taste sweet
Time half an hour

[1] Wash the sweet potato and dry it.

[2] Butter and whipped cream soften at room temperature in advance. Pour the cream directly without pouring it.

[3] The microwave oven is cooked for 10 minutes, and it is cut horizontally.

[4] Dig out the clams into a bowl and mix them into a mud. Pay attention to the purple potato crust and do not dig it.

[5] Butter and whipped cream are added to the sweet potato puree.

[6] Mix the mashed potato and cheese butter butter.

[7] Refill the mixed mashed potatoes with sweet potatoes.

[8] Mozzarella cheese chopped.

[9] Mozzarella cheese is chopped on the sweet potato surface and placed in a preheated oven for 170 minutes and 15 minutes.
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