half an hour

Head dish ginger slice
Fried white cornmeal 50g
Clear water 1 bowl
First course juice
Accessories: chopped green onion
a little salt
Taste, salty and sweet
Time half an hour

[1] Preparation of materials

[2] Ginger shredded

[3] Add appropriate amount of water to the cornmeal

[4] Stirring into a thin paste

[5] Pouring water into the pan and boiling it

[6] Pour the corn paste while stirring

[7] Add half of ginger

[8] Pour the juice and a little salt

[9] Add half of chopped green onion and stir into a thick paste

[10] Pan, plate, sprinkle the remaining ginger and chopped green onion
half an hour羹 羹 汤羹