half an hour

Long Beans 500g
Accessories: red sweet pepper 1
Minced garlic
Balsamic vinegar
Corn oil
a little pepper
Dried chili 2
Little sugar
More than 10 peppers
Taste slightly spicy
Time half an hour

[1] Prepare raw materials;

[2] Long beans are washed off the head and tail and cut into the same length;

[3] Wash the red pepper, remove the seed, and cut into silk;

[4] Garlic peeled and chopped, dried chili washed and cut into silk, ready for pepper;

[5] The water in the pot is boiled and placed in the beans;

[6] Add a spoonful of oil;

[7] adding a small amount of salt;

[8] After cooking, remove the cold water twice and soak in cold water for two minutes;

[9] Control the moisture and put it in a large container;

[10] Red pepper is placed in a pot and drowning;

[11] Put the red pepper into the beans and add a little salt, sugar, and pepper.

[12] Put in Shi Yunsheng sauce, balsamic vinegar;

[13] Put in minced garlic;

[14] Heat the wok in a wok, add the pepper to the fragrant, and turn the pepper into the pepper after the fire is turned off;

[15] Pour hot oil from the pot on the beans and seasonings;

[16] Mix well and put on the plate. Put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then eat it, and taste better! Tips
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