one hour

Duck breast meat 1 piece
Accessories: pears 1
Sweet corn 1
Bitter chrysanthemum
Purple cabbage
Red wine
Fragrant leaves
Rock sugar
Red wine vinegar
Olive oil
Taste savory
Time one hour

[1] Dividing the pear pair into two halves, peeling and nucleating;

[2] Put in an oil-free pot, add cinnamon, cloves, fragrant leaves and rock sugar for more than half an hour;

[3] Divide the sweet corn into small pieces and cook in a pan;

[4] Adjust the juice: red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper, mix well;

[5] Prepare the bitter chrysanthemum, cut the purple cabbage into silk, and mix the juice evenly;

[6] Put the smoked duck breast with the skin side down, put it in an oil-free pot, and slowly fry it;

[7] until the oil in the duck skin is fried and turned golden yellow, then turn over and fry;

[8] After the nine layers of fried, add the appropriate amount of freshly ground pepper;

[9] Cut the fried smoked duck breast meat into pieces;

[10] The red wine juice that has been cooked with pears is concentrated in the fire;

[11] Place the cooked corn pieces and the salad with the salad in the pan;

[12] Set the sliced duck breast and red wine pear, and then pour the concentrated red wine juice;

[13] The delicious smoked duck, red wine, pear, and pear are ready. Look good.
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