half an hour

Medium-gluten flour 250g
Salt 2 g
Hot water 60g
Cool water 80g
Accessories: lean meat, right amount
Kidney bean
Edible oil
Fragrance oil
Bean paste
Soy sauce
Taste savory
Time half an hour

[1] Mix the medium-gluten powder and salt into the basin and mix well. Pour the hot water to stir about 1/5 of the surface;

[2] Add cold water and stir into a flocculent shape, then knead into a mass and wake up for 5 minutes;

[3] Squeeze again, knead the dough to a smooth and delicate finish, then wake up for another 5 minutes;

[4] Onion and ginger are cut into spare;

[5] Wash the cowpeas with water, boil the water in the pot, add a spoonful of alkaline noodles, wait until the water is boiled, and cook the kidney beans into the pot, then fry them in cool water;

[6] Pour the oil in the pot, heat it on low heat, add lard, add oil to the oil, add a large material to scent;

[7] Stir-fried pork stuffing;

[8] Wait until the meat is discolored, add appropriate amount of bean paste and soy sauce, and sauté the onion and ginger.

[9] Cut the cowpea into small diced, add the diced green onion, sesame oil, pepper and a small amount of salt;

[10] Twist the dough into a long strip, cut into a dose, and knead it into a skin;

[11] Pack the stuffing and close the mouth like a steamed buns;

[12] Then gently flatten with four fingers;

[13] The electric baking pan is preheated in the lower dish in advance, and the pleated side of the pie is branded downwards. After it is discolored, the oil is turned over and the pie is fried to two sides.

[14] The pan is placed in a ventilated leaking basin.
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