half an hour

Eggplant 250g
Cowpea 250g
Accessories: ginger 10g
Garlic 10g
Onion 10g
Coriander 10g
Roasted Sauce Sauce 30g
Time half an hour

[1] Wash the cowpeas to the veins and wash them into small pieces. Wash and cut the eggplant into strips and steam on the steamer (about 20-30 minutes). Take it out after steaming.

[2] Pork belly cut into pieces, ginger shredded, garlic cut into pieces, chopped green onion, ready to use.

[3] A bottle of roast sauce.

[4] The hot pot puts the oil on the hot pot, puts the pork belly on the scent, puts the ginger, the onion, the garlic, and the fragrant incense; puts the simmered sauce and stirs it evenly to make the seasoning.

[5] Put the cool eggplant and kidney beans in a small pot, then put the parsley and mix the seasonings evenly.
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