Excipients: Ginger
Water amount
Prickly ash face
Peanut oil
Soy sauce
Taste other
Time hours

[1] Prepare water and noodles

[2] Directly use water to make a good face

[3] Put the dough with a good surface into a smooth surface for use

[4] Prepare tenderloin and ginger for filling

[5] Cut the meat, marinate it with soy sauce for ten minutes, cut the ginger and place it on the diced meat.

[6] Cut the leeks into small pieces during the process of pickling the meat

[7] Add 4 tablespoons of peanut oil to chopped leeks

[8] Put the marinated diced ginger into the leeks

[9] Add a small amount of peppercorns to taste

[10] Put a proper amount of salt

[11] Stir the stuffing evenly

[12] Roll the dough into strips and cut into small pieces of equal size.

[13] Round the small pieces into a thin thin skin

[14] Wrapped dumplings

[15] Put a small pot of water and boil

[16] Put the dumplings in the water

[17] Add some cold water after the water is opened. After the water is opened three times, the dumplings are cooked.

[18] Out of the pot, welcome everyone to taste! Tips
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