half an hour

Excipients: ketchup
Egg white
Taste sweet and sour
Time half an hour

[1] Cut the loin, add ginger, cooking wine, salt, white pepper, add egg white for 5 minutes.

[2] Ketchup is added to white sugar and water to make juice. Lao Yang’s formula is: one serving of three portions of sugar tomato sauce, I added a little more tomato sauce, 嘿嘿嘿

[3] Wrap the loin evenly with starch

[4] Burning oil in the pot, chopsticks tried to have a small bubble, you can lower the loin, probably fried for three or four minutes. The oil is heated again and the loin is poured into the second fry.

[5] The loin after the re-fried

[6] The juice is introduced into the pot and boiled. Cook until the soup is thick. Turn off the heat and introduce the tenderloin so that each loin is covered with soup.

[7] Okay. Opened up
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