twenty minutes

Fresh shrimp 400g
Accessories: garlic 5g
Red pepper 10g
Ginger 5g
Onion 10g
Green pepper 10g
Chicken powder 2g
Chili Sauce 5g
Salt and pepper powder 3g
Chili oil 5g
Linseed oil 1g
Taste savory
Time twenty minutes

[1] Shrimp remove the shrimp head shell and shrimp line.

[2] Pepper chopped, ginger and garlic chopped, chopped green onion.

[3] Heat the oil in the hot pot to burn the oil to 70% heat, and put the shrimp to the surface to be golden red and oil control.

[4] Hot sauce under the chili oil fried spices head.

[5] Pour the fried shrimp into the pot and stir well. Add the seasoning and stir well. Sprinkle with the salt and pepper onion and topped with sesame oil.
twenty minutesPrivate kitchen