Excipients: Cucumber
White sugar
Peppercorn water. Moderate
Garlic. Moderate
Chili oil
Taste slightly spicy
Craft other
Time hours

[1] Flour and agglomeration, wake up for a while.

[2] Put in clean water, wash with a little water, and pour into the other pot when the water is thick. Wash it back and forth several times.

[3] Until the starch is not washed, the gluten is washed.

[4] Put in a cage and steam for 15 minutes.

[5] Take out the diced, I steamed the time, a little yellow, huh..

[6] The washed starch is placed in the refrigerator for a night's precipitation, the water powder has been separated, and the excess water is filtered out.

[7] Powder into a paste, then prepare a basin of cold water, 8 inch cake mold, (it has proved that it is not very easy to use cool skin).

[8] Put water in the pot and boil.

[9] Stir the batter evenly.

[10] Put it in the mold and shake it into the pot for 2 minutes. Take it out and put it in the prepared cold water basin.

[11] Uncover it, (this step is not to go into the water, it is very important, you are too busy, this step is leaked) The cool skin is ready.

[12] Add soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, salt to the container.

[13] Add pepper water, garlic, cucumber shredded, peanuts, and cold skin.

[14] Cool skin is now eaten, first put cool skin, add cucumber silk. Gluten. Peanut crushed. Chili oil, and finally put soup.....

[15] Delicious.....小窍
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