half an hour

Mung bean puree
Water amount
White sugar
Glutinous rice flour
Cooked glutinous rice flour
Vegetable oil
Taste sweet
Process steaming
Time half an hour

[1] Prepare the material

[2] Wash the pumpkin, slice it, steam it on the pan and grind it into mud

[3] glutinous rice flour, pumpkin puree and dough

[4] After the water is opened, knead a piece of dough, pry it open, cook until it floats

[5] Raw glutinous rice dough and together

[6] After a good dough, take a piece of green bean paste

[7] Put a thin layer of oil on the plate, put the glutinous rice that has been wrapped in mung bean puree, and steam it on the pot for about 20 minutes (you can uncover it during the period and get cooked)

[8] Steamed glutinous rice dough rolls in cooked glutinous rice flour, you can make a small trick
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