twenty minutes

Sand fish 400 g
Accessories: Shallots
Flour 2 tablespoons
Starch 2 tablespoons
Allspice a little
Cumin powder
Cooking wine 1 tablespoon
Salt 2 teaspoon
Time twenty minutes

[1] Prepare the ingredients.

[2] Cut the fish washed oblique knife into pieces of appropriate size and adjust the wine and salt.

[3] Add the chopped green onion and ginger.

[4] Grab and marinate for half an hour to simmer and taste.

[5] Mix the flour and starch evenly.

[6] Add a little water to make a thicker batter, and the batter can be pulled out with chopsticks.

[7] Add to the fish fillet.

[8] Mix evenly with chopsticks. (You can also sizing the batters one by one, but this is faster)

[9] Heat the right amount of oil in the pan. When the heat is 60%, the fish pieces wrapped in the batter are placed in turn.

[10] Boil for about a minute or two until the fish fillet is cooked and cooked.

[11] The oil in the pot is again heated to 8 minutes, and the fried fish fillet is fried for a while, until the surface is golden and crisp.

[12] Remove the oil and drain it, then sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.
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