Pork tenderloin 400g
Cordyceps flower 20 g
Accessories: big red dates 1
Ginger 2 tablets
Light taste
Process stew
Time hours

[1] Wash the Cordyceps flower and soak it slightly with water. (Do not pour water, keep soup.)

[2] Pork washed slices for later use.

[3] Add water to the pot. After the water is opened, add ginger slices, add some pieces of water to the meat, remove them, rinse off the floating foam, and drain.

[4] Add meat and cordyceps, red dates, ginger slices to the saucepan and add enough water.

[5] Slowly stew for three or four hours.

[6] Seasoning with salt for ten minutes before the pan, no need to put MSG.
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